“The Formidable King”


4 Stars HOT

 The latest entry in the Royal Affairs series is sure to please anyone who enjoys a fast-paced, tumultuous romance. Characters from previous installments make an appearance, but this may be read as a standalone novel. Although the storyline follows a familiar pattern, it’s the well-developed and believable primary and secondary characters who will keep readers glued to the page. Gabriel and India are passionate together, but when they cease being combative and show their vulnerabilities, readers will come to know them fully and root for their happily ever after. Montgomery has created a quick and entertaining read that will have readers awaiting the next Royal adventure.

Reviews on  NETGALLEY:

Mickala r, Reviewer

Love, love, love. This is an awesome read. One of my favourite authors. Can’t go wrong with any book from her. Grab a copy today!

Brandi M, Reviewer

Loved the continuation of this series!

Liz b, Reviewer

This is a second chance romance and a modern twist on the Cinderella story. It was seriously good. There is quite a bit to the plot and packs quite an emotional punch.

Lori b, Reviewer

Interesting, unique plot.

Jennifer J, Reviewer

This was the first book I read from this author and I enjoyed this book. I felt like there were probably other novels about some of the characters in the book, but it did not hinder my enjoyment that I hadn’t read them first. This is a story of instant connection between our hero and heroine. It becomes clear in the novel that both Gabe and India have had some major emotional trauma in their pasts and a good deal of this book is learning to cope and how to move on and find happiness. I loved how they helped each other. It wasn’t just strong male helps female heal, she helped him with his burdens too. These were three dimensional characters. There are a few steamy scenes, but nothing too over the top. The romance moves fairly swiftly, so if you don’t like instant connection with love quickly coming this might not be for you. 

Melinda S, Reviewer

Wow, just wow. Couldn’t put it down. I read it in one sitting. I can’t wait for more from her as always her books only get better with each one. It has just the right amount of romance and drama that you will love just like I did. Would recommend. 

Lianne J. Librarian

Let’s start with how well this is written. It’s well paced, written beautifully, and the insight in to both characters is also good. I loved India, such a humble, earthy soul, her history took me by surprise. Gabe you can tell is notble, but he does let his emotions get in the way and is sometimes awful to India. I love how Gabe comes around and is the knight in shining armor. A very enjoyable read, that I read in one sitting late in to the night.

Elaine G, Reviewer

This is the first story I have read by this author and I look forward to reading many more. India was such a sweetheart, she had suffered so much hardship but still managed to be open to the world, her character was an inspiration. Gabe’s life wasn’t easy either but in a different way he had become closed off from the world and isolated from others. I loved how they could mend the wounds that each suffered by what they discovered in one another. 

Pam S, Librarian

Great story. Loved India!!! Fast moving, easy to read, really easy to get caught up in. I will be reading more of Montgomery’s work.

Kelly P, Reviewer

I absolutely enjoyed reading this novel. Initially I could not see the appeal in Gabriel, he was so brash and rude to an almost unforgiving extent, but as the novel progressed and you saw how his attitude toward India changed and he became so loving and caring, I fell for him like India did. Their coming together was so beautiful and this book is definitely worth a read!

Reviewer 345745

This novel was a good read. I liked how the author incorporated pain and suffering in this novel and the struggles that character faced to overcome them. These events happen in life and they are not always reported or make people aware of them. 

 “The Irredeemable Prince”

Reviews from the readers on the Goodreads website:

Emris Lindsay 

A truly surprising and electrifying contemporary romance, it had all the classical characters of a contemporary but yet there is something undefined that captivates you and binds you until you have reached the end. This book is hmm, how should I say it, I’m going to come straight out and say it, it’s hot, this book is practically steaming with romance, the excitement is palpable you can almost literally feel it. Well after taking a glass of cold iced water I have to say the storyline is well-defined and the book is well written, Mackenzie and Devereaux are a combustible couples, in all this has been a most enjoyable read. 

 Valeen Robertson 

The Irredeemable Prince is not what I was expecting. There were surprises that threw me, but in a good way.
The Irredeemable Prince is unique, and twists and turns that Alyssa throws in will surprise even the most astute reader. I certainly wasn’t expecting the suspense to happen, but I have to say that they lifted this story from what otherwise would have been standard issue royal fluff of naughty Prince meets girl, charms girl into bed, and makes her fall in love with him even though he has a horrible reputation for sleeping with all the women in his kingdom. Dev is so much more than he has appeared to be. He’s much more three dimensional, has a huge heart…. Mackenzie is a solid character, with a backbone and brains. She’s the perfect match for Dev.

The Irredeemable Prince is well written with solid, likable characters, good pacing, and a unique, surprise filled premise. I am hoping there’s more to come about this world, a story about King Gabriel, perhaps?

 Linda Walters 

I liked the main characters and it also had some good secondary people as well.
The story did have at least 2 surprises in it that kind of blindsided me, in a good way. These weren’t the end of surprises though.

This book has a steady pace … it would all of a sudden have an unexpected twist that seemed to come out of nowhere. Well done! I had thought that this was going to be a fairly predictable story and that was just not true. I have to give the author credit for going along in the story making me think okay this is going to be pretty predictable and then “Bam” things would change to “wow, what a surprise that was.” It went from being fairly predictable to, now its not.
The relationship between Dev and Mac was a good one and although the attraction was immediate so was the distrust and secrets.
As a side note, I really liked the cover of the eBook; very attractive.


I liked the story line quite a bit. It had a bit of humor, mostly thanks to Eliza, that I appreciated having mixed in. In a way, it went in a totally different direction than I anticipated. I liked the resolution to Mackenzie’s past. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series. 


Alyssa J. Montgomery novel “The Irredeemable Prince” was quite a surprise for me as I never felt that the story was going to take the twists and turns that it did. The characters are well developed and the storyline fast paced. King Gabriel has had enough of Prince Dev and his antics and so he hires a consultant to improve his image, in the hope to find him a wife. Mackenzie Roberts is called in and what follows kept me very entertained, such that I finished this in one sitting.



This is the second novel in Alyssa J. Montgomery’s Royal Affairs series and I thought it would be difficult to surpass book one, The Defiant Princess, (which I loved!) but I was wrong. The Irredeemable Prince is a brilliant read, incorporating all that book one offered—well-paced storytelling, sensual romance, and passionate characters—all while adding an extra layer of suspense, deeper characterisation than book one, and a surprise or two for good measure. I highly recommend The Irredeemable Prince and similarly the whole of Montgomery’s back-catalogue. 

 Anna Swedenmom 

This was a very enjoyable read. I maintained my curiosity as well as my interest through out the story. It is a unique perspective as well as tale of royalty and life. A romance that has such a pull that you want to understand the different nuances so it keeps you reading until you get the entire background. I must say the characters in this were very interesting as well as imaginative! I am delighted to have been able to read the ARC of this one. I think I would like to have more from this author so shall be following her to see what is next.

 Patricia Bello 

First book I’ve read from this author. And I am now curious about the rest of her work.

The irredeemable prince meets a woman that makes him think twice, thrice about his reputation. Chemistry between then and a slightly unexpected twist adds a nice spice to a popular storyline. Things are not always what they seem.

Catherine Hayward 

This is the first book by Alyssa J. Montgomery that I’ve read and I really enjoyed it. It’s intriguing, fast pasted well written and engaging. There’s heat and sexy scenes but not over the top.  With twists and turns in the plot that are clever and well executed this book is a sure winner

 Dana Alma 

The Irredeemable Prince was such a great read! Prince Devereaux is down-right sexy! I enjoyed Mackenzie’s character, she was tenacious! Montgomery portrays strong intelligent women in her books. I found myself intrigued by the prince from the very beginning, until the end. I loved catching up with Khalid and Sabrina from The Defiant Princess. I look forward to The Formidable Monarch!! King Gabriel’s story looks promising.



Loved it! Really kept my interest. Certainly not predictable.


“Knight of Her Dreams”

Knight of Her Dreams

Knight of Her Dreams has been reviewed by the UK Historical Novel Society by Nicky Galliers. (Link above)

“An unashamed romance, there is substance to Ms James story. It is a companion to a previous book concerning Sir Richard’s brother, and it takes us further into the legend that was Henry V. Fluid and accessible, this is an easy and a satisfying read. Henry V is portrayed with less bias than is usual, not shying from his more brutal side and not always excusing it. Enough room is left by Ms James for the reader to come to their own conclusion about his legacy. There are no boring passages and you are rooting for Marguerite and Sir Richard, even when it seems impossible.”

* Reviewed by Nicky Galliers

“The Defiant Princess”


“Montgomery has a smooth, well-paced writing style that engages and entertains and writes in a way that offers a genuine feeling of being present in each situation. From the danger and drama to the sensuality of Khalid and Sabrina’s romance, each scene is painted vividly and in evocative detail.

Sabrina, though passionate and defiant in equal measure, shows an air of vulnerability throughout the story that is both expected (given her past) and becoming of her character. She is no shrinking violet, instead she is fiercely independent, strong-willed and determined.

The strong, capable, and enigmatic Khalid is masculine, commanding and authoritative yet also compassion and kind – a character of depth and dimension who proves the perfect hero for our defiant heroine.

What beings as a pragmatic approach to their relationship develops quite quickly into an intensely passionate love. The chemistry between Khalid and Sabrina is palpable, almost frustratingly so. At one point I actually yelled at the screen telling them to “just kiss already!” so in the regard of convincing storytelling, Montgomery scores a 10 out of 10!

The Defiant Princess is an exciting story that spans the Middle East and Australia weaving into it a delicious romance complete with undeniable chemistry, sizzling sex, and a sensual and sweet love story.

  • Reviewed by J’aimee Brooker, AusRom Today


“Roses for Sophie”

“Roses for Sophie is one sexy read! Montgomery’s characters are wounded and seeking what has always eluded them, love. Daringly they face obstacles, the kind money can not solve. Sophie takes center stage in her own love story, matched by Logan’s fierce determination to have her. Roses for Sophie is the perfect beach read this summer. I was a fan of Echoes of the Heart and hope to see more in this series.”
  • Reviewed by Dana Alma, Readaholicsanonymous

“In this book, two powerful people come together: Logan, a billionaire diamond miner, and mining heiress Sophie (the premise might seem a bit gasp-worthy but it totally works, trust me…). Both need to marry, fast, for two very different reasons. Oh, the angst. Oh, the emotional trauma. Oh, the hot hot steamy hot hot romance! Whew! No sweet get together, this couple explode off the page. The roses of the title are a lovely touch: Logan brings Sophie bunches of roses (the meaning of the different coloured roses is beautifully explained) – but she’s waiting for the bunch of red roses, the ones that signify true love…Will she get them?! IMHO, the wait is so worth it…”

  • Reviewed by Miranda’s Musings, Breathless in the Bush website


“Knight of Her Heart”

“Knight of Her Heart is an unabashed romance from Alyssa James…and is the author’s first foray into writing Historical Fiction. It is set in England in 1416 under the reign of Henry V, but the historical content is not onerous and does not distract from the plot.

This is a perfectly well written novel, with a pleasing use of language and vocabulary, and a valiant attempt to conjure a sense of time and history through the use of language. Once Ms James grows in the genre and gains a more confident feel for her new era she will certainly sit well alongside other, more established authors.

  • Reviewed by Nicky Galliers, Historical Novel Society


“Echoes of the Heart”

MARCH 10, 2014 

4 stars

What can I say…

I received an Arc for an honest review

Let me tell you something very simple about this book…I loved it, every page that I read until the end. It was a fantastic read with the right amount of everything I love in a book,
I loved Alyssa’s first book but this one, she just took me to a higher heaven and brought me back to earth when it was all over. There were so many emotions and simply put it was one of the best reads for me in 2014 so far.

The story is all about Jake and Amanda. Their love story is coupled with pain, betrayals, lust, love and passion. Without giving out any spoilers, when Amanda found out that Jake lied to her, she left him and married this wealthy fellow. Everyone in the area thought she was a gold digger and not more than Jake who Clearly hated her even though he could not help but want her still. Now the perfect opportunity for Jake to have her comes along when her husband dies and he comes in to take what he thinks is rightfully his.

Jake is the epitome of alpha, arrogance and all male. He is dominating and for some reason I loved it. Well we all love a man who can take control of any situation.

“I don’t like you Amanda. I certainly don’t like my desire for you, but I’m honest enough to admit that I need to make love to you over and over again until my passion burns itself out. We’ll both be better off once we extinguish our need for each other.”

Amanda on the other hand is a good heroine I liked her enough though my point of view she should have let Jake work more hard for her. She should not have given in so quickly. However she was good for Jake in all the right ways.

“You’ll be back in my bed and you’ll stay there until I’m ready for you to leave”

I liked the story and all the emotions I read in it. The story had a lot of edgy moments that just did it for me. I mean talk about hot sex, hot making out scenes and definitely hot everything else. I am truly a number one fan of Montgomery.

“What exactly do you want?”
“I want you, Amanda”

I loved the writing style and the author’s voice. All I can say is that I know I will always be waiting for another of Montgomery’s books but my only complaint is that the story should have been longer, very long. Yes this was a quick read and I loved it, now imagine if it had been longer… I think I might have experienced moments where I wanted to be the characters in the book.

All in all, excellent book and I recommend it to everyone out there who loves a good quick contemporary romance that will keep you on the edges of whatever place you are reading from, whether your bed, chair or sofa.

I really like this book. A definite 4 stars. A great, great read.”

  • Reviewed by Esther at 


“Mistaken Identity”

“Enjoy intriguing? Awesome? Beautiful? Good writing? Perfect characterisation? And an even better story? These are all found in just the first pages of the book and after all that you just become obsessed with this awesome book… This is one great story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, bed or even the darn floor if you ask me. Montgomery has managed to create a catching story for the audience with romance being kept squarely together with a nice web of lies and just hot action everywhere. What can I say?

  • Reviewed by Esther at 

“An irresistibly indulgent novel about identical twins, an autocratic tycoon, and the sensual, sophisticated Greek seaside. Perfect for readers who love their novels indulgent, entertaining, and intense with a vintage feel”

  • Kate Cuthbert, Managing Editor, Escape Publications

Reviews by Goodreads Community Members

Great read and a wonderful first book! The characters are interesting, entertaining and appealing. This book has a bit of suspense and drama, and just enough tantalizing sex scenes to keep your toes curled.  (Anita Elaine)

Loved this book. The storyline has in some ways been done before as have most. However this one stands out above the rest because it draws you in from the first sentence then allows you to actually be Leah by the inclusive voice of Montgomery. Her descriptions with vivid imagery place you right there, the tags give just the right nuance to impact the dialogue while still keeping the flow going. Alyssa gives her characters a sense of humour, along with their strength and integrity and of course the gorgeous Greek alpha male is guaranteed to get you dreaming. I also loved the way she weaved in the Greek Mythology references which just gave the book that little bit more than others I have read. Couldn’t put it down. Will be following this author with interest. (Kathy Plunkett 15)

I’ve had the great pleasure of reading several unpublished manuscripts by Alyssa J Montgomery, and now at last the world can enjoy her romances. And what a debut, with a sizzling Greek hero and a heroine who is also an identical twin. She masquerades as the other twin, the one who’s causing all the troubles, and ‘mistaken identity’ is indeed what happens as the drama unfolds. The perfect book to while away a few hours. Alyssa is an author to watch; she’ll always be on my ‘to-read’ list.  (Malvina Yock)


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