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                                 Blogs in 2018

April 2018, “Fascinated by Royalty” on Nightowlreviews guest blog spot 

March, 2018 “Romance Novels are Good for You”  (Breathless in the Bush Blog)

April, 2018 “Royal Love is in the Air” (Breathless in the Bush Blog)

                                 Blogs in 2017

December, 2017 “The Love of a Tortured Hero”    (Escapades blog)


2nd August, 2017 “Alyssa J. Montgomery, uncovered. (Escapades blog) Link:

Alyssa J Montgomery Uncovered


15th June, 2017 “Let’s Talk Books with Alyssa J. Montgomery, Author of The Irredeemable Prince.” (Neverending Bookshelf Blog) Link:

Let’s Talk Books With Alyssa J. Montgomery, Author Of The Irredeemable Prince


6th June, 2017 “Build us your Ideal Story, with Alyssa J. Montgomery” AusRom Today Link: 

BUILD US YOUR IDEAL STORY with Alyssa J Montgomery


31st March, 2017 “Friday Five with Alyssa J. Montgomery” (Escapades Blog)

                                         Blogs in 2016

18th September, 2016  “The Contemporary Romance Novel Virgin: Still in Vogue?”  (ARRA Blog)

13th April 2016 “My Book Settings: Flight Attendant Edition”

My book settings: flight attendant edition!


11th April, 2016 “Medievals vs Contemporaries: Writing Romance in Both Ages!”  (Breathless in the Bush Blog spot)

2nd February 2016 (Escapades Blog) Link:

Enemies to Lovers: kiss or kill?


18th February, 2016 “The Reformed (Billionaire) Hero”    (Escapades Blog)

ARRA Nominee – Alyssa J Montgomery


20th January, 2016 “The One That Got Away” – second chance romances  (Escapades Blog)

Roses are Red…The Language of Flowers

                                    Blogs in 2014

8th June, 2014  “RT Convention 2014, New Orleans” (ARRA Blog) Link:

Guest blogger: Alyssa J Montgomery

Quintette of Questions: Alyssa J Montgomery


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