Harlequin Author’s Cocktail Party, 2016  Adelaide

Great to catch up with Juliet Maddison, and Kendall Talbot. Also great to see Heather Graham in

Australia after meeting her so often at RT Conventions in the USA.


RT Convention 2016, LAS VEGAS!!

Above: With Olivia Gates (still can’t believe we were up until 5am talking before an early get-up for an author signing the next day…miss you Olivia!)  and the ever gracious, Kathryn Falk

Below: Always great to see Megan Bamford and Lynne Connelly at the international event.

Lovely to meet readers Penny and Robyn at the Welcome Breakfast.

Below: Enjoying my flowers from Robyn Carr and Susan Mallery. As I always have flowers at home, it was so lovely to receive them for my hotel suite.

At the Viva Historical function (below) with model, Michael Foster, and the wonderful Sabrina Jeffries.

Below: What can I say? Someone has to do it!!! :-)

Below: My lovely friends from Canada, Susan and Kymber. So fabulous to catch up with you guys! Can’t wait until 2018…

Below: With Scott (model) and some very cheeky guys!


Lovely meeting up with fellow Harlequin authors, Jenny Lucas; Dani Collins, Sharon Kendrick and Abby Green.


Below: Signing my medieval titles at the Giant Book Fair!!



August, 2015  Harlequin Author’s Cocktail Party, Melbourne Australia ..

Harlequin Author's Cocktail Party 2015     At Harlequin Author's Cocktail party

(With Lauren Mckellar, Alyssa J Montgomery, Beverly Eliki, Michelle Condor) (Alyssa & Melanie Milburne)


May, 2015  Romantic Times Convention, Dallas Texas  USA


James Cynthia

With James, Cynthia, Cherry Adair and Olivia Gates

Cherry Adair     Olivia Gates Better ImageAngela     Delese


With Angela, Delese,and Erica Hayes

Paris in Texas EricaKathryn


With Kathryn Falk, Sabrina Jeffries, Susan and Kymber

Sabrina Jeffries  Kymber

Book signing Dallas

At the Texas Round-up Booksigning



March, 2015  Australian Romance Readers Convention, Canberra


ARRC 2015 booksigning With Nalini Singh  With Lauren - fabulous author and brilliant editor who worked with me on Roses for Sophie

Not sure why these pictures are blurry – Aust Romance Readers Book signing; with Nalini Singh, Lauren McKellar, Barbara Hannay, Malvina Yock, Sylvia Day, Trish Morey, and Lucy from “Ever After” bookstore

Alyssa J Montgomery, Barbara Hannay and Malvina Yock  Sylvia Day and Alyssa J Montgomery/Alyssa James   Lucy Trish Morey


Australian Romance Reader’s Association, Book signing, Sydney 2014

RIS ARRC Book Signing

With Melanie Milburne and Anita (Anita kept me company on the long flight from Sydney to Dallas, then looked me up in Sydney at the book signing!!)


RWA Conference 2014, Sydney Australia

Emma Darcy   Helene Young and Alyssa J Montgomery

A few more blurry images – with Emma Darcy, Helene Young, Cherry Adair and Marie Force

Cherry 14 Alyssa J Montgomery and Marie Force

Harlequin Author’s Dinner, Sydney Australia 2014


Harlequin Dinner Table 2014 paula cassie     Harlequin Hottie

Great catching up with friends Paula, Kathryn, Deb, Cassie, Kandy, Alison; Paula and Cassie; a “Harlequin Hottie; and below with Tori Crabtree and Georgie Tyler


RT Convention 2014, New Orleans USA

Aussie Dinner at New Orleans Susan Stephens, Alyssa J. Montgomery and Carole Mortimer Kathryn Falk from RT

International Authors Dinner; and with Susan Stephens & Carole Mortimer; Kathryn Falk; a jester at Mardi Gras World; a lovely group of readers who looked after me & are now FB pals; and Jeremy

At Mardi Gras World, 2014 RT Convention, New Orleans   Friends at RT Convention: Melissa, Kristen, Alyssa, Kelly and Sharon   Cover Model

Below: With Nicole Flockton; Sara from Harlequin Junkies; Tamora Pierce; and Jade Lee

Nicole and Sara at RT  tamora pierce and alyssa j montgomery  jade lee and alyssa j montgomery

Book Launch for “Echoes of the Heart”, April 2014, Brisbane Australia

April 5th, 2014 at the Queensland Eye Institute with QEI Community Relations Officer, Jane Dodds   Crowd at Launch of "Echoes of the Heart" at the Queensland Eye Institute

Fundraiser for the Queensland Eye Institute

ARRA Awards Dinner, March 2014, Sydney Australia

Ladies at ARRA 2013 ARRA finalist

Teresa, Meg, Lily, Alyssa and Kim! Friends who helped celebrate my nomination for the award of “Sexiest Hero for 2013”


Book Launch for “Mistaken Identity” November, 2013

Alyssa J. Montgomery with guests at Book Launch of "Mistaken Identity"

Fundraiser for the South Coast Autism School


RWA Conference, Freemantle Australia 2013

Alyssa J. Montgomery and Anne Gracie Alyssa J. Montgomery and Kate Cuthbert, managing editor of Escape Publishing

Above: With Anne Gracie and Kate Cuthbert

Alyssa J. Montgomery and Maggie Gilbert Shannon Curtis, Alyssa J. Montgomery, and Paula Roe

Above: With Maggie Gilbert; Shannon Curtis & Paula Roe;

Below: With Melanie Milburne

Alyssa J. Montgomery and Melanie Milburne at RWA Awards Dinner, 2013

RWA Awards Night – Emma Darcy Award Finalists with Emma Darcy, 2004 Finalists in the Emma Darcy Award (2004), left to right: Anna Campbell, Emma Darcy, Sharon Archer, Alyssa J. Montgomery, Helene Young (Photo credit: Sharon Archer)

Anna Campbell, Emma Darcy, Sharon Archer, Alyssa J Montgomery and Helene Young


Travels with the Family to Europe, September/October 2013

Alyssa J. Montgomery in desert in Dubai Alyssa J. Montgomery at Trevi Fountain (Rome)

Dubai                                                            Trevi Fountain, Rome

Alyssa J. Montgomery in Barcelona  Alyssa J. Montgomery in desert in Dubai

Barcelona                                               At Bedouin camp, United Arab Emirates

Alyssa J. Montgomery in Athens Alyssa J. Montgomery in Venice

Athens, the Acropolis                                               Fabulous Venice


Trip to Thailand with Family, April 2013

We road “bareback” on the elephants so they didn’t have the discomfort of those horribly heavy seating platforms used to transport tourists. They seemed to have a fabulous time in the water and we did too!

Alyssa J. Montgomery on elephant trail ride in Thailand Alyssa J. Montgomery in Thailand

Photos taken at home for press release (Courtesy of Photographer: Orlando Chiodo) Photo courtesy of Orlando Chiodo                Photo by Orlando Chiodo